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21st June 2021

on the day!
25% off
your 4th month's bill when you register*

*Ts & Cs apply

Come and visit any of our five sites between 10 am and 2pm on Saturday 10th July 2021 for a fantastic opportunity to explore our nurseries and fun clubs! On offer, we will have sample tasting of our some foods from our menu, as well as a chance to explore our brilliant facilities and chat to our experienced team on-site, in a covid-safe environment.

We're also offering an exclusive registration deal of 25% off your 4th month's bill, when you register* on the open day.

Amberley | 07715 204 643

Bedlington | 01670 822 073

LA at CVPS | 07540 723 896

Cramlington Village | 01670 737 274

Fenham | 0191 274 6316

*register at the open day and pay a deposit within 7 days

1st September 2020

We're pleased to have re-opened our Bedlington and Village sites to welcome back more of our children in time for the new term! 

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1st June 2020

Fantastic New Danish Software Launched! 

You can now track your child's development from home, and see what skills they have been developing at nursery through staff observations and photographs. Accidents and incidents are also logged and kept on your child's profile, meaning they can be easily referred to, if needed.

Accessibility of parent accounts is now much easier! From the Famly app you can now see all your personal invoicing, including voucher payments and bookings. We also now have the ability to process automatic payments, meaning you are only required to set up voucher payments and sign up to direct debit, in order for monthly payments, including extra sessions, to come out automatically. This means we can spend less time on paperwork and more time caring for our children!

Another great function of this new app is that it can streamline your holiday requests and extra session bookings - simply apply for them through the app, and your manager can then review it, and send back an approval via the messaging function.

Communication with parents is now so much easier for both staff and parents. The News Feed and Calendar tabs allow us to share with all our parents any upcoming events and allows parents to see what different activities are taking place across the setting.

Download "Famly" from the App Store for free, and a login should have been emailed to you (if not please check what email records we have for you), and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message, call or email us! 

Our fantastic new software, founded in Denmark in 2013, gives us the ability to do so much more for our children.

Interaction with parents has become much easier and quicker, and your children's profiles are constantly being updated throughout the day by our staff. You can now see, in real time, what meals and snacks your child has had and how much they've eaten, nap times and when your child was last checked on, nappy changes and details, as well as notes about applying suncream, hand washing and other daily information.

11th May 2020

27th April 2020

Little Angels is still open!

During the current fight against the coronavirus, we remain open on some sites! As government advice changes and we begin to welcome back more children to nursery, our policies, procedures and routines are constantly adapting to keep up with the ever changing government guidelines. On our Coronavirus Info page, we've outlined some of the key adjustments we've made in nursery, to help combat the virus, as our children start to return. Please feel free to contact our managers to discuss any further questions you might have, including enquiries and return requests.

20th April 2020

A privilege to be part of Northumberland's response to Covid-19!

We like to update our Facebook page with all the exciting events taking place across our sites - check it out to see the type of activities we've been getting up to recently 

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