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Our Meals

At Little Angels, we promote a healthy eating diet and we encourage the children to eat well. Our meals and snacks are varied to include different tastes, colours and textures of foods and all our meals are home cooked using fresh and locally sourced produce.

We cater for all cultural, religious and special dietary requirements and always try to provide 'like for like" substitutes so none of the children miss out on any of the foods when possible. We use meat free alternatives which have been approved by the Vegetarian Society and a wide range of other allergen free products depending on the child's needs.

Meal times provide opportunities for children to learn about and try new foods. They are a sociable occasion and a valuable time to talk about food. The older children can get involved in helping to set tables and self serve food when appropriate. The members of staff eat with the children to set a good example and encourage a conversation which  develops social skills and good eating habits. This helps to understand which meals are popular with the children for any future menu changes and also to feedback to the parents what the

child had to eat that day. We often share recipes with parents who would like to try our meals at home which are available on request.


At Little Angels we love celebrating food from all nations of the world including some of the most festive times of the year like Diwali, Chinese New Year and many other cultural events where the children can gain knowledge and understanding of other backgrounds and beliefs.


We also carry out various food activities with the children, from making and decorating biscuits to chopping and exploring fruit and vegetables and growing herbs in our garden. Children need to acquire good food habits early on that lay the foundations for a healthy future and at Little Angels we try to provide just that. We are very passionate about giving the children the best start in life by meeting the nutritional guidelines and teaching the children to eat well.


If you have any questions our chefs are always available to meet up with parents and discuss any queries, recipes or personalise any menus for children according to their dietary needs.

Friday 22nd October 2021, an update from Tim, our Head Chef:

I'm excited to let you know we have joined forces with ‘Early years nutrition partnership’!
Good dietary habits are established early and can set patterns for life. We have begun our journey with the EYN Partnership to help children get the best start.

The Little Angels teams and myself will have the opportunity to work closely with a EYNP nutritionist who has a vast experience and knowledge of early years dietary and nutritional needs. We are currently in development of new menus and snack offerings to work with the nutritionist, with the idea of starting a fresh menu in the New year.

We have currently been awarded with the ‘Committed’ quality mark with the aim to work up the quality marks from ‘Accredited, Advanced and then finally to Specialist’.
With these quality marks we will be marked on a range of categories, from nutritional values of a meal and how it's prepared to a high standard to the activities and discussions we have with the children within the rooms.  
I feel very confident that we will progress through these quality marks with ease with the high standard of food the kitchen teams produce and the hard continuous work of the staff in the rooms, who are always assisting with the development of the children. 

I look forward to updating you all with our progress in the near future.

Many thanks 


Chris, father

Don't just take our word for it >

On our look around, the manager explained that all of the meals were prepared fresh on the day and collected by the staff who would prepare the meals according to my child weaning stage. Our child was baby led weaned and it is fantastic that the nursery catered for this and the kitchen staff would prepare my child's meals in accordance to her diet requirements. We even had a meeting with the fantastic chef who discussed the meals that she would adapt for my child so that she didn't miss out on the wide variety of 'home cooked' meals.

Sally, mother

Don't just take our word for it >

The menu is great - he's eaten things he wouldn't eat at home!

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