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Little Angels at
Cramlington Village Primary School

Little Angels at Cramlington Village Primary School (CVPS) enjoys a unique location within the vibrant community of Cramlington. Situated within the Cramlington Village Primary School grounds, it offers a seamless blend of education and childcare services. The setting's open-planned modular building space fosters a sense of curiosity and exploration among the children. With dedicated areas for various age groups and a commitment to providing engaging activities, Little Angels at Cramlington Village Primary School ensures a holistic development experience for children of all ages, creating a vibrant and inclusive hub for learning, play, and growth within the heart of Cramlington.

Nursery education children share lunch time in the school hall during the last term, providing extra opportunities as the children get ready to attend a school setting

Please scroll down to see a variety of photos of our setting, some of the activities we get up to, and some parent testimonies!

Give us a call on 07540 723 896 to arrange a look around and a chance to speak to our team to find out more information.

Manager: Diane Blakely

07540 723 896

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday, 07:00 - 18:00 all year round

Little Angels at Cramlington Village Primary School

Bowmont Drive


NE23 2SN


“I am extremely proud that we have maintained the outstanding outcome for our nurseries. The team work extremely hard everyday to deliver activities that challenge and excite the children, building bonds with them to give them a sense of security to be able to learn and make great progress. Everything we do as a team is always centered around the children and their individual needs and it gives me great pride that this has continued to be recognised.”

Diane Blakely, Nursery Manager at CVPS

Diane Blakely (right) photographed with Emma Clarke (left), Nursery Manager of Little Angels at Bedlington, also receiving an outstanding grade in September 2022.

We're Outstanding!

(September 2022)


For our babies from 0 to 18 months


For our 2 to 3 year olds

All Stars

For our 3 - 4 year olds

Fun Club

Our Fun Club at CVPS have access to a bright open space, with lots of room to do exciting activities as well as having downtime.

Please click here to read our information brochure for the Fun Club.

What Our Parents Say...

"We are really happy with how my son has settled into nursery the last year. From a baby who would scream most mornings nursery have worked with us to get him to a point that he goes straight in, quite often without saying bye to us as he is so content going in. His social progress is really good, he is picking up people’s names after meeting them once and is happy to interact with anyone, which I think is a result of nursery. Nursery communicate well with us on his basic care such as food, nappy and sleep."
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