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Finance and Funding Information

Our new Famly app!

Our fantastic new Danish software allows for a much more streamlined process when it comes to payments. Parents are given a login that they can access directly from their mobile phone, from which they can see their account balance, all payments, vouchers and invoices, request extra sessions and set up direct debits.


Signing up for Direct Debit means that any extra sessions, bills or late charges that haven't been paid for by the end of the month can be picked up on next month's payment, meaning parents are not required to check the amount of their payment method every month, and family debt will not build up over sustained periods of time.


Please take a look at our Payment Policy below for more information.

Unless an employer continues to run their voucher schemes, these are now closed to parents, and the new alternative is payment via Government Gateway. Similar to the voucher schemes, the Government-backed tax-free childcare scheme gives eligible families 20% off childcare costs. Government Gateway is an online tax-free childcare account into which the government will pay £2.00 for every £8.00 paid into this account. Parents can then pay nursery fees from this account.

As a registered and approved nursery, our parents can sign up to this scheme and pay their nursery fees tax-free. 

Parents can also apply for 15 and 30 hours of free childcare through Government Gateway.

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