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Little Angels at Fenham Children’s centre provides a family approach to child centred learning. Our children have the opportunity to learn from each other within their play spaces. More able, competent children present others with achievable challenges within their play whilst scaffolding the development of new skills or first time experiences.


We are located inside a Children’s Centre ensuring our families have daily access to information and services in health and family support. We believe children construct their learning from the environment around them, their experiences and relationships. We are passionate about taking a lead from the children and developing their self-esteem and confidence as a critical foundation upon which children can build their learning. Ensuring constants within these areas enables our children to be active and independent learners.


Routines, key workers and our planning cycle all support our children to assume more responsibility for their learning.

They know who and what will be available to continue their threads of thoughts and exploration over a period of time. We empower our children to be fully involved in their learning, actively encouraging them to contribute, influence and lead on their individual learning journeys during their time with us.


The nursery manager has a first class honours degree in early years practice and her Early Years Professional status. We have a fully qualified team of staff, of which four have level 6 (honours degrees in relevant subjects) and two have level 5 foundation degrees. We pride ourselves in our outdoor provision which provides opportunities for all areas of learning, and maximises the opportunity for children to learn about their world around them.


Our children access the outdoor play spaces daily throughout the year and we have waterproof clothing to allow us to have fun in all weathers.The nursery manager carried out a research project on outdoor provision within the setting during her honours degree; the findings of this project directly influenced the development of our outdoor space. She also had the opportunity to visit Denmark to explore a range of settings including forest schools, town nurseries and farm settings where she reviewed provision, attitudes and opportunities to outdoor learning further.


Staff are encouraged to professionally develop beyond their training throughout their time with Little Angels. We have a range of internal training packages which have been wrote specifically for our settings. Internal training includes leadership, planning, learning and development, working with children under 2 years, and managing risk with young children to name a few. Little Angels also provides opportunities for staff to develop specialisms, where they are able to support the development of provision and the practice of their colleagues. Some of the specialisms include outdoor provision, curriculum lead, behaviour management, managing risk in play and creativity.


We also provide the staff team with the opportunity to further their professional qualifications or embark on external training courses to ensure we are developing our practice and knowledge. Three of the staff team at Fenham have recently gained their level 3 qualification which they completed during their time at nursery and another who has embarked on a foundation degree at level 5.


New staff complete a 6 month probationary period during which they complete an induction programme which supports their understanding of our ethos, provision, policy and procedure. On completion of this programme staff will be embark on their learning journey where they will be encouraged to challenge, be curious and provide new ideas or research for us to explore.


Our ethos and practices include encouraging our youngest of children to value and respect others. We believe strongly in giving our children a voice and including them in decisions and practices within our setting. This is heavily promoted within the individualised planning for learning structure that we employ, which is child centred and based around the needs, interests and experiences of individual children. In addition we use strategies such as our ‘Bother and Best’ behaviour management system that encourages children to explore and consider others, supporting them to learn, compromise and respect for others from an early age.



Nursery Manager: Alice Sutton

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