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(September 2022)


“We are delighted and thrilled that we have maintained our Ofsted Outstanding grade. I am so proud of the team we have at Bedlington, who have come through the pandemic and strived for more for the children and their development. As a team we look forward to continuing to encourage our children to extend their learning opportunities to be ready for their next learning adventure in life.”

Emma Clarke, Nursery Manager at Bedlington

Emma Clarke, (left) photographed with Diane Blakely (right), Nursery Manager of Little Angels at Cramlington Village Primary School, also receiving an outstanding grade this September.

Little Angels is situated in a purpose built premise in the town of Bedlington. The nursery operates from three rooms and there are three enclosed areas for outdoor play, we also have a fantastic and very unique outdoor classroom allowing free-flow access from indoors to outdoors.

We have a wide range of resources for the children both indoors and outdoors. We have very successful partnerships with parents, we ensure parents are involved, valued and well informed about their child’s learning and development. We have placed an extremely high priority on maintaining security within the setting to ensure every child is safeguarded, we have a secure finger print access system and key coded doors on every room.

Please scroll down to see a variety of photos of our setting, some of the activities we get up to, and some parent testimonies!

Little Angels at Bedlington

Swiftdale Close



NE22 7LF

Manager: Amy McGeoghegan

01670 822 073


For babies up to 2 years old, take a look at our online look around with our manager, to find out more about our Cherubs' room .


For 2 - 3 year olds, in our Sunbeams' room, we take the children's lead to help gauge when they're ready to transition into this space.

For 3-4 year olds, our All Stars room features an outdoor classroom, allowing children to enjoy the outdoors, no matter what the weather!

All Stars

What Our Parents Say...

Since beginning his nursery journey, my son has grown beyond our expectations. At home, he loves his independence and at nursery he is a natural leader who shows compassion for others. Of course, every child has their ups and downs, and he is no exception, however, we have found the teaching and guidance by staff has had a huge bearing on his understanding of values, kindness and sharing. Equally quiet and loud when he chooses, his speech and comprehension has surprised us, which I feel is testament to the coordinated work we have done with the staff to stretch his learning at such an early age. 

He receives the correct and appropriate support when he needs it, and we appreciate the love the staff have for him. The staff also encourage the development of his caring nature and the incredible friendships he has built with some of his fellow classmates. 

The facilities and equipment used daily through varying structured activity cannot go unmentioned, and nor can the provision of the meals he receives, for we feel all these combined has allowed a level of progress we could not provide ourselves. 

This, therefore, evidences the available opportunities presented at Little Angels and the positive effect the nursery has had on my son's life.

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