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Our values


Our mission statement has been writen by our staff as part of a programme to empower them to develop Little Angels.


Its key elements are:

  • Affordable high quality childcare

  • Nursery environment that is safe and secure

  • Growth and development through new experiences

  • Empowering individuals to fulfil their potential

  • Liaising with parents and professionals to ensure best care

  • Staff who are approachable, loving and caring


We aim to maintain and improve quality through quality assurance programmes and constant evaluation of childcare. We aim to recruit and retain the best staff through a comprehensive training and appraisal programme.


Parents as Partners

Parents are recognised by Little Angels to be the children’s first educators and we extend a warm welcome to all parents and carers who join. Our detailed partnership with parents programme gives a range of opportunities for parents and carers to become involved with their child’s learning at all levels. 


Although we have included an element of information in this brochure, what is more important for prospective parents to take on board is only to be seen at 
the nursery by visiting. This will give parents an opportunity to look around nursery, watching the unique relationship that children have with their carers. 


The children enjoy a choice of activities throughout their environment and we encourage independence and decision making at a very early age as these are some of the key life skills.