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About Us

"Empowering our children, parents and staff to achieve"


How do we empower our children?

We focus on Personal Social and Emotional Development (PSED) from our first point of contact with parents. Forging early and strong partnerships with parents ensures a two-way flow of information between nursery and home so that critical information is shared about the child’s achievements and interests in both the home and nursery environments.

Our mission statement, set in 2002, still stands as a firm foundation of our philosophy at Little Angels: “Empowering individuals to achieve their full potential.” Alongside legislation requirements, when we interview and shortlist candidates we ensure that candidates share a passion for children. Many staff who come to us whether recently qualified or not, are fully inducted into our philosophy - and we often find that they require a good deal of support adapting to the high level of expectation that we have as a management team. 

Value and Respect 

Our ethos and practices include encouraging our youngest of children to value and respect others. We believe strongly in giving our children a voice and including them in decisions and practices within our setting. This is heavily promoted within the individualised planning for learning structure that we employ, which is child centred and based around the needs, interests and experiences of individual children. We also use strategies such as our ‘Bother and Best’ behaviour management system that encourages children to explore and consider others, supporting them to learn, compromise and respect others from an early age.

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