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Little Angels is still open!

During the current fight against the coronavirus, we remain open on some sites! As we're gradually widening our intake, we're beginning to welcome back our other children to nursery. Below, we've outline some of the key adjustments we've made in nursery, to help combat the virus, as our children start to return. Please feel free to ring or email our managers to discuss any further questions you might have, including enquiries and return requests.  

Coronavirus Procedure

We have introduced the following procedures to follow new government guidelines, and to promote the best practice during these difficult times.

It is extremely important, not just for nursery but to prevent premature deaths in the community of our elderly and vulnerable that we adhere to the following expectations.

Self isolation parents of children eligible to attend childcare

If parents have symptoms of coronavirus, then all household members must stay at home and not leave the house for 14 days. The 14-day period starts from the day when the first person in the house became ill. It is likely that people living within a household will infect each other or be infected already. Staying at home for 14 days will greatly reduce the overall amount of infection the household could pass on to others in the community


If you were the first person who started to display symptoms, you need to stay at home for 7 days from when the symptoms appeared.

This is the same for anyone who develops symptoms of the virus regardless of what day they are on in the original 14-day isolation period - they must wait 7 days before returning to work.


Parents should stay at home for 7 days if they have:

- a new continuous cough

- a high temperature (37.8℃ or above)

- a loss of, or a change in, your normal taste or sense of smell (anosmia)


Other symptoms include:

- shortness of breath


During this time, self-isolation is expected to include all family members including your child so the child cannot attend nursery during that time.

Eligible children who can attend nursery/childcare


Government guidance is very clear. Where parents or carers can care for their child at home safely, the child should not attend nursery regardless of their key working status, as of June 1st this is still the government’s advice. Little Angels has undertaken a significant exercise, risk assessing individuals, and classifying different categories of their need to access childcare. This has been done to follow government safety guidelines and to try and reduce the spread of this deadly virus as much as possible.


This is not because the virus is deadly to healthy people or children, the virus is deadly to the old, or vulnerable, and those with pre-existing health conditions.


Procedures for arriving and departing for eligible children


We ask that all children are dropped off at the nursery entrance only, staff will now sign children into nursery on arrival using the usual method. Staff will then transfer the child to their nursery room.  Following social distancing measures, parents will be asked to queue while dropping off their child keeping at least 2 metres ( 3 steps) apart from other parents.

We can no longer store buggies and car seats in our nursery buildings.


Routines for children

Although we are following normal routines as much as possible, we are prioritising hygiene and safety during this national emergency and updates will be given regularly through the “Famly” app. These routines are adapted to allow smaller numbers of children to eat, sleep and play at the same time, in groups.

Staff will support the children to wash their hands on arrival with soap and hand hot water for at least 20 seconds each time (to the tune of Happy Birthday). Hand sanitising gel will be used if antibacterial soap and water are not available. Handwashing guidelines have been produced by the government.

Handwashing times as a minimum

  • On arrival at the setting

  • Before and after every meal or snack

  • Before and after using the bathroom

  • Before leaving


This will be done by applying enough soap to cover hands, rubbing them together and remembering to scrub the backs of hands and in between fingers on either hand.


Children will be served meals in small groups and two metres apart in separate sittings if needed. 

One member of staff will serve all meals to all children, washing their hands before and after, which will minimise the number of staff serving food. Self-service will not be permitted. We will not offer self-served finger foods to older children over the age of 2. Drinking water will be offered to children regularly through the day. 

Materials such as playdough and clay are not being used. Water and sand play has been removed.

Nursery routines 

Smaller children who have naps will have beds placed apart and their bedding will be kept separate at all times. 

If a child develops symptoms of coronavirus, staff will inform parents immediately and they will be asked to collect their child. The child will be isolated from other children in a designated area or space in the room, ideally away from all the children, and the staff member caring for the child will wear full PPE when dealing with the child. Staff will inform parents of the 7 day isolation period for the child and 14 day for themselves. Manager/OIC will be informed and will record this information.


If a member of staff has any symptoms of coronavirus they must inform their manager immediately. They will need to follow government guidelines and self-isolate for 7 days. If a member of their family or someone they have been in close contact with that has developed coronavirus or symptoms, they will then have to self-isolate for 14 days. 

While working in the rooms and amongst other staff members, they are advised to adhere to the social distancing guidelines where possible and keep 2 meters apart at all times. 

Staff will wear PPE at all times whilst changing children and serving meals. If a child needs a tissue or if staff wipe a child’s nose, the tissue will be binned in the clinical waste immediately afterwards and the child’s and staff member’s hands are to be washed immediately for 20 seconds using hand hot water and soap.


Robust cleaning routines are in place. A designated person is responsible for carrying out cleaning tasks throughout the day. Managers assign at least one member of the team each day to clean door handles, glass, bathrooms and toilets on a regular basis, at least 4 times a day as well as at the start and end of the day. Good hygiene will be promoted throughout, using posters and guidance from the government. All staff follow the Little Angels Corona risk assessment with regards to hygiene.  

Cleaning and disinfection

Public areas where a symptomatic individual has passed through and spent minimal time, such as corridors, but which are not visibly contaminated with body fluids can be cleaned thoroughly as normal.

All surfaces that the symptomatic person with symptoms of coronavirus has come into contact with will be cleaned and disinfected, including:

  • objects which are visibly contaminated with bodily fluids

  • all potentially contaminated high-contact areas such as bathrooms, door handles, telephones and grab-rails in corridors and stairwells

Disposable cloths or paper roll, and disposable mop heads will be used to clean all hard surfaces, floors, chairs, door handles and sanitary fittings, following one of the options below:

  • Either a combined detergent disinfectant solution or lift cleaning sanitiser or dettol anti-bacterial wipe

  • If an alternative disinfectant is used within the organisation, this will be checked and ensured that it is effective against enveloped viruses. 

  • Splashes and spray will be avoided when cleaning.

Any cloths and mop heads used will be disposed of and will be put into waste bags as outlined below:

  • When items cannot be cleaned using detergents or laundered, for example, upholstered furniture cleaner, steam cleaning or carpet cleaner will be used.

  • Any items that are heavily contaminated with body fluids and cannot be cleaned by washing will be disposed of in clinical waste bins.

  • If possible an area will be kept closed off and secure for 72 hours. After this time, the amount of virus contamination will have decreased substantially and the area will be cleaned as normal with your usual products.


Items will be washed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The warmest water setting, at least over 60 degrees will be used, and items dried completely. Dirty laundry that has been in contact with an unwell person can be washed with other items.

Dirty laundry will not be shaken, as this will minimise the possibility of dispersing the virus through air.

Anything used for transporting laundry will be cleaned and disinfected in line with the cleaning guidance above.



Waste from possible cases of coronavirus and cleaning of areas where possible cases have been (including disposable cloths and tissues):

  1. Will be put in a plastic nappy/rubbish bag and tied when full.

  2. This will be double-bagged.

  3. The plastic bag will then be placed in the clinical waste. 


Hygiene with keyboards, laptops and devices

Use of hand held devices such as electronic tablets and iPads, iPhones and iPod touches will be minimised and will be wiped down with appropriate anti bacterial wipes at the end of every use.

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