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Fees, forms and holidays

Little Angels has a staff pay policy which rewards staff who perform well with regard to the standards of care they offer to the children and their parents. Length of service and experience is also taken into consideration. We review staff salaries annually in line with inflation and with regard to local needs.

There is a detailed contract that parents need to enter into with regard to the payment of nursery fees. It is the nursery fees which pay for our staff and so we welcome regular feedback from parents in the form of our evaluation sheets. Some of the information from evaluation sheets have been used in the past to give positive feedback to staff on their annual appraisals. 


A common practice in early years settings was to charge parents across the full year for their child’s fees. Understandably for a child’s place to be retained – even though they are away on holiday- most nurseries charge for 50 or 52 weeks of the year. Little Angels commits to charge parents for only 47 weeks of the year giving 5 weeks holiday. 


To request additional sessions, a change of sessions or request holiday, please download and complete the relevant forms below, and bring it to the relevant Little Angels setting.