Our Values

Find out what our children, parents and employees can expect from Little Angels.

Our Mission Statement

At Little Angels Nurseries, we promise to be the nurturing ground where young minds blossom and futures are forged.

Our commitment extends beyond mere education; it’s about elevating each child’s journey through innovative learning, collaborative growth, and a nurturing touch.

We pledge to uphold the highest standards of educational excellence, ensuring every little learner is empowered to explore, discover, and thrive.

Together, we are not just shaping young minds; we are laying the foundations for a brighter, more curious, and collaborative world.

Corner Stone Values

Our corner stone values are the core beliefs and ideals that guide and drive the actions, behaviours, and decisions of our individuals and organisation.

They act as our moral compass, helping to distinguish right from wrong and influencing choices.

Compassionate Care

At the heart of Little Angels is the unwavering commitment to provide a loving, empathetic environment for every child. This value ensures that children not only receive educational guidance but also emotional support, crucial for early development.

Inclusive Community

Embracing diversity and fostering a sense of belonging for all children, staff, and families. This value reflects the nursery’s dedication to creating a supportive, welcoming space where everyone is valued and respected.

Innovation in Education

Continuously seeking and implementing creative and effective teaching methods. This value is about staying abreast of the latest educational research and trends to provide children with the best possible learning experiences.

Integrity & Transparency

Upholding honesty and clear communication in all interactions. This core value is crucial for building trust with parents and the community, ensuring that the nursery’s practices are not only effective but also ethical and transparent.

Parents as Partners

Parents are recognised by Little Angels to be the children’s first educators and we extend a warm welcome to all parents and carers who join. Our detailed partnership with parents programme gives a range of opportunities for parents and carers to become involved with their child’s learning at all levels.

Although we have included an element of information on our website, what’s more important for prospective parents to take on board is only to be seen at the nursery by visiting. This will give parents an opportunity to look around nursery, watching the unique relationship that children have with their carers.

The children enjoy a choice of activities throughout their environment and we encourage independence and decision making at a very early age as these are some of the key life skills, and we invite parents to be part of what the children do at nursery through our use of Famly.

Famly allows parents to see the activities their children do at nursery through photos, and parents can also share photos of the children on days off and at the weekend.