Our Team

Our staff are our greatest asset and we’re so proud of the work they do!

A Positive Environment

At Little Angels we pride ourself on creating the right environment for our staff to reach their full potential as well as our children. Staff are actively encouraged to train on a range of different courses both internally and externally.

Little Angels is working through a range of schemes to gain recognition for our staff development programmes. Staff are recruited not only for their qualification but for demonstrating through our interview process that they are dedicated, passionate and committed to caring and educating young children.

At Little Angels we are vigilant in our recruitment procedures, aiming to ensure that all people working with children are qualified and suitable to do so. We follow this procedure each and every time we recruit a new member to join our team.

All new members of staff undergo an intensive four-week induction period during which time they will read and discuss the nursery policies and procedures and receive a buddy to lead their training and introduce them to the way in which the nursery operates and a mentor from the management team who will oversee and support their induction.

Each member of staff receives an appraisal meeting twice a year with the manager. This provides an opportunity for the manager and member of staff to discuss training needs for the following six months as well as discuss their performance in the previous six months. Appraisals foster a culture of mutual support, teamwork and continuous improvement which encourages the confidential discussion of sensitive issues. They provide staff with opportunities to discuss any issues – particularly concerning children’s development or wellbeing, identify solutions to address issues as they arise; and receive coaching to improve their personal effectiveness.· The manager and team leaders support the staff team between these reviews where appropriate with mentor support, one-to-one training sessions, ongoing supervision, work-based observations and constructive feedback.

Professional Development

At Little Angels we strive to support our staff team, whatever role they are in, to develop, grow professionally and support their passions!

Recently, Emma, one of our Deputy Managers has undertaken some Thrive training that has enabled her to become an Early Years Thrive Practitioner!

Take a look at the article to find out more about the training Emma completed, and how she has applied this to her practice.

What It Means To Be An 'Angel'

A window into Little Angels, as told by Lucy at our Bedlington nursery.

“Since I started at Little Angels my life has changed for the better, moving into my own flat and finding a job that is perfect for me. Working at Little Angels has allowed me to create friendships with an amazing team and the bond you make with the children and families is incredible.

Since starting here in 2019 I have faced many challenges, some personal and some work based but each of these challenges I have overcome with the support of my amazing team. Working with children allows me to see the stages of development from being a baby up to when they leave to go to school. When you work for Little Angels there is no day which is the same and that is my favourite part about my role, because you never know what to expect but you always know you are going to have a great day.

I would love to continue my career at Little Angels and gain more experience working alongside children with SEN which is something I have a passion for. I would love to progress within the Little Angels company and possibly work with the management team.

My hobbies outside of work are art, music, and being outdoors. My hobbies have been an advantage within my role as I can express my creativity and my artistic passion through the activities that I plan. “

Emma's Little Angels Journey

Check out what Emma, one of our fantastic deputy managers, on what it’s like to work with under 2s…

“Starting at Little Angels really helped me find my feet, not only in my career, but with my personal life too. Moving out, getting myself a house, and building some amazing friendships with the people I work closely with, Little Angels has helped me so much. I started as an apprentice with them and I am now a deputy manager, and I wouldn’t have been able to do that without the support from the management and the outstanding staff! At Little Angels, I have amazing bonds with all my key children and their families, as well as all the other children.

My particular passion is working with the under 2s! No day, or even hour, is ever the same!
Working at Little Angels has given me the amazing opportunity to watch my key children grow and develop into confident, self-sufficient learners.

Nothing is going to come easily, but there is nothing more gratifying than breaking through to a child and seeing them have that “ah-ha” moment that you’ve both been striving towards.

It’s in watching those “wow” moments, that I’m reminded of why I chose to come into childcare.

My favourite activity that we have been working on at the moment is introducing baby massage to the under 2s. Getting that one to one time, really helps strengthen the bonds you already have with your key children and it’s such a magical experience for the children and me! It helps with the immune system, acid reflux, speech, muscle tone and a lot more!

I would highly recommend Little Angels to anyone who is interested in childcare, to come on board and join this amazing family…”

What Our Staff Say

Want to know what it’s like to work at a Little Angels nursery?

Check out our video to hear directly from the team what it’s like and if this inspires you, check out our vacancies here.