About Us

Empowering our children, parents and staff to achieve in a positive, rewarding environment.

The 'Little Angels' Way

Celebrating twenty-five years of inspiration and dedication in the realm of early childhood education, Little Angels holds at its core a profound commitment to Personal, Social, and Emotional Development (PSED), nurturing an environment where children flourish.

We forge strong, collaborative relationships with parents, ensuring a seamless blend of support and growth both at home and within our nurseries. This partnership facilitates the vital exchange of information about each child’s progress, interests, and unique journey, fostering a foundation of trust and mutual respect.

Established in 2002, Little Angels remains unwavering in our mission to “Empower individuals to achieve their full potential.” This guiding principle not only shapes our educational philosophy but also influences the individuals and teams we recruit. We seek employees who share a genuine passion for nurturing young minds and who align with our high expectations and standards.

Every team member, regardless of tenure, undergoes a comprehensive induction process, immersing them fully in the values and culture that define Little Angels. This ensures our educators are not only qualified but deeply committed to our nursery’s ethos.

Our Philosophy

Central to the Little Angels ethos is the cultivation of values such as respect and inclusivity among our young learners.

We firmly believe in empowering children with a voice, actively involving them in decisions that shape their learning experience.

This child-centric approach is evident in their individualised learning plans, tailored to meet the specific needs, interests, and experiences of each child.

What Our Parents Say

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